Can you do an apprenticeship if you have been to university?

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Apprenticeship if you've been to uni

Can you do an apprenticeship if you have been to university?

The image and perception of an apprenticeship has changed for the better. For a long time, apprenticeships were seen as something recent school leavers did and they apprenticed in an industrial environment. Many hours of work have gone into pushing the of position apprenticeships as a credible alternative to university.

The choice no longer has to be a university degree or an apprenticeship; you can do both.

A majority of young people have already gone to university, completed the course, and graduated. While looking for jobs, it can become apparent that while they have the theoretical and analytical knowledge, they may not have the practical skills needed for a job role. Graduates may wish they had taken an apprenticeship when they hear that apprenticeships are not just manual labour anymore but feel like they can’t because they have a degree.

If you have thought about undertaking an apprenticeship but didn’t apply because you thought you weren’t eligible – think again.

In May 2017, the apprenticeship levy was introduced. The Government relaxed the rules on graduates applying for apprenticeships and has even spent the time to create a number of apprenticeships at Level 6 and 7, equivalent to Degree and Masters levels. Organisations also gain funding for graduates, which means that employers are looking how they can attract graduates who want an apprenticeship.

There are still some entry criteria for graduates:

  • The most important is graduates cannot already have a degree in a similar qualification to their chosen apprenticeship. So, for example, an illustrator graduate can’t apply for an illustrator apprenticeship.
  • The other entry requirement is that there has to be ‘significant new learning in the apprenticeship qualification’. This means the training needs to provide the apprentice with new skills and content different from what they learned at university.

Today you can do an apprenticeship in virtually anything. Apprenticeships put an emphasis on skill and personal development by providing on-the-job coaching as well as study time.

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