University Degree Vs Apprenticeship Degree

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University Degree Vs Apprenticeship Degree

University Vs Apprenticeship, what’s the difference?

Degree apprenticeships and university will both allow you to gain a level 6 qualification – a full bachelor’s degree. However, there are some differences to gaining this qualification, and so depending on the career path, an apprenticeship will suit one group and university will suit others.

  • Is a university degree better than an apprenticeship degree?
    The degree you finish with from a degree apprenticeship will be as valued as any other would. It will be awarded by an accredited university and will be an Honours Degree.
  • Should I go university or do a degree apprenticeship?
    That depends on what you want to study. There aren’t degree apprenticeships available for every subjects and those that are available are vocational. You can’t do a degree apprenticeship in Languages but you can do them in Engineering.
  • The course I want to do at university but I found a place that offers a degree apprenticeship, which do I choose?
    It depends what you’re looking for in a course. Would you like a more hands on, interactive learning approach? Then an apprenticeship would be right for you. Would you like a more theoretical and analytical learning approach? Then university is right for you.
  • Will I miss out on university life by doing a degree apprenticeship?
    You won’t experience university life in the same way as people who are attending university full time. However, you may need to live away from home and will be with other people doing the same training and studying as you.

    It might be a different experience to full time university students but you will also be attending lectures on campus and will experience living away from home with other apprentices.

    Many companies that are offer degree apprenticeships will provide monetary support for any apprentices who will be living away from home for the first time.

  • Will I be more employable with a degree apprenticeship or a university degree?
    It’s not guaranteed that your employer will offer you a permanent job at the end of your degree apprenticeship but you are far more likely to remain employed for them as you have been trained exactly how they want.

    A university degree does make you highly employable but they’re typically less vocational and most graduates who have been to university will still require job specific training.

  • How much will it cost to do a degree apprenticeship vs a university degree?:
    Degree apprenticeships have a definite advantage over a university degree with regards to costs. If you are doing a degree apprenticeship, you will be paid a salary by your employer and they will also cover the tuition fee costs, so the cost is much lower.

    If there is no degree apprenticeship for the career you want or you want to experience university life, then there are other ways of reducing the cost through loans, scholarships, grants, and bursaries.

    Taking out a student loan and going into debt may seem scary but it’s important to remember you don’t pay anything back until you make at least £21,000 a year before you start to pay it back. When you do begin to pay the loans back, it will only be in small increments and not the majority of your pay check.

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