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Everything you need to know about the Apprenticeship Levy

The apprenticeship levy is a tax created by the Government in a bid to increase the amount of apprenticeships in England to 3 million by 2020. Introduced in 2017, the levy is paid by any employer that has over 50 employees and a payroll exceeding £3 million, with a set rate of 0.5% being collected through PAYE. Levy funds are accessed through a Digital Apprenticeship Service, and if your company is affected by the levy, the money will already be in your account.

The money collected is to be used solely for levy funding – with organisations having 24 months to spend the money before it expires. Only approved providers, such as Empentis, can be used as apprenticeship trainers; employers wishing to deliver their own internal training must first be approved as a provider.

Empentis Training Solutions Training provider Newcastle offer apprenticeship levy, ILM apprenticeships
Empentis Training Solutions Training provider Newcastle offer apprenticeship levy

The apprenticeship levy means funding is now in the hands of the employers. With an apprenticeship you can grow and nurture your own talent, and reap the rewards of a talented, loyal workforce. The levy can even be invested in your current team, with many courses on offer to upskill employees; either avenue offers a way for your business to grow and excel. 

Employers that pay the apprenticeship levy 2%
Funding that has helped apprenticeships 50%
Time employers have to spend their levy funds 48Months
Our Success Rate 100%


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Empentis Training Solutions Training provider Newcastle offer apprenticeship levy


At Empentis, we’re committed to helping you shape the future of your organisation by delivering top quality training solutions. We are experts in both apprenticeships and professional training, and want to make sure your levy is spent effectively.

We’ll help you understand what your levy commitment could be, discuss your talent needs or any skill gaps that it could address, and finally; we’ll implement a training solution tailored to your needs, whether that’s hiring one apprentice or a larger-scale staff development plan. 

Companies with less than 50 members of staff, or with a payroll of less than £3 million can still hire apprentices – and we’re here to help with that too. Get in touch or take a look at the guidelines on funding.