Looking for an Experienced Training Provider

If you’re an employer looking to expand and looking to a training provider to help. Recruiting an apprentice is a great way to get new talent that you can nurture from the start. Apprenticeships have been proven to boost productivity in the workplace, and many businesses in the UK use them to ensure their workforce is highly skilled and at the peak of their industry. A cost effective way to get new skills into your business, apprentice’s help with long-term development too – 95% of apprenticeships end in full-time employment.

So how do apprenticeships work? 80% of their time is spent working, straight away, from day one. The rest is training, which can be tailored in lots of different ways – test days, skills coaching, workshops. At the end of the apprenticeship you’ll have a fully qualified employee, with experience relevant to the business.

You can also develop existing staff through apprenticeships. Investing in a workers career development results in a motivated team, and ensures the company stays ahead of the game with the best skillset and practices. Find out more facts by visiting the government website.

Empentis Training Solutions Training provider Newcastle offer levy apprenticeships
Empentis Training Solutions Training provider Newcastle offer levy apprenticeships


We are Empentis Training Solutions, a training provider with a team of industry experts that have years of knowledge and experience, allowing us to deliver high-end training courses. We can provide bespoke programmes that ensure your staff have the right skills and aptitude for any role. Not only does this help the company, but employees who feel valued in their role will help in leading your organisation to a bright future.

We are an Experienced Training Provider that delivers Apprenticeships throughout the UK

Empentis Training Solutions develop our apprenticeships around skill gaps in the workforce, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting the right person with the right skills for the role. By keeping employers requirements in mind, we can help future-proof your business. If need any information our team can help.

We know hiring an apprentice can be a daunting prospect for employers. The who’s, what’s and how’s can mount up. That’s why at Empentis we are always on hand to help you through the process. We’ll take care of selecting applicants so you hire the best person for the job, then our dedicated training officers will support you throughout the apprenticeship.

Want to Power up your workforce?

At Empentis Training Solutions we work in close partnership with employers to ensure all our apprenticeships add value to their business. Our apprenticeships provision has been enhanced to support employers of all sizes to understand and manage the changes introduced in 2017 including the Apprenticeship Levy.

Empentis Training Solutions offer a wide range of programmes of varying levels. Whether you wish to recruit an apprentice or train existing staff, browse our current programmes and see how apprenticeships can help develop and grow your business.

Apprenticeship participation yearly level increase 25%
Apprentice time is spent working 80%
Apprentices are satisfied with their apprenticeship 89%
Apprenticeships end in full-time employment 95%