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Highways England Common Induction

Highways England Common Induction will equip anyone visiting and/or working on the Highways England Strategic Road Network (SRN) with a basic understanding of health and safety, and knowledge of the principle hazards and risks to safety work on Highways England SRN. A lack of training and awareness can lead to poor health and safety records. This can have serious repercussions on organisations, employees, and the community

New Roads and Street Works Act NRSWA

What is the course content for Highways England Common Induction?

  • Effective customer service.
  • Main requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act.
  • Overview of Highways England’s minimum expectation for working on site.
  • Understanding of temporary traffic management systems.
  • How to review fatal risks that occur when working.
  • How to identify the essential health and wellbeing points in the workplace.
  • Identifying and describing the main environmental issues found on sites.
  • Impact on the individual, their lives, and their families in the event of a serious accident at work.
  • Poor behaviour on the work site.
  • How health and safety knowledge and good working practice can improve behaviour on a work site.

Individuals taking this course will gain knowledge of health and safety and an enhanced understanding of what makes a safe working environment. They will also identify the principle hazards and risks relating to the Highways England SRN. Key legislation and best practice will also be covered.

This course consists of theory sessions followed by an assessment. Duration is based on experience, and is typically 1 day, but can take up to 4.

Who needs the Highways England Common Induction course?

It is a necessity for both workers on the SRN, and for visitors to the road network, including:

  • Workers
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Delivery drivers
  • Office staff
  • Visitors

Maintenance Expenditure on Roads in England (£ Billion)

Over 16 years old.

Designed for anyone working on the Highways England Strategic Road Network (SRN).

Learners will receive Highways England Common Induction certificate.

The course will typically take 1 day to complete, however, for those with less experience it can take up to 4.

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