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Site Safety Plus

Site Safety Plus covers your individual and employer’s responsibilities ensuring workplace welfare; protecting the staff, customers, and the companies’ reputation. Health and safety laws and regulations in the UK are numerous, and failure to comply with any of these laws mean companies are liable for prosecution.

Site Saftey Plus

Why should you attend Site Safety Plus?

If you are about to enter the construction and civil engineering industry, the course will help you to understand the potential hazards you face on site. It is also a requirement in order to obtain the CITB Green Labourers Card.

The course will develop the individuals knowledge and understanding of the hazards that can occur on a construction site, and will provide a practical and theoretical summary of health, safety, welfare and environmental issues, as well as identify the individual’s responsibility.

Fatal and Non-Fatal Injury statistics

The most common workplace accidents were caused by slips and trips (31%), handling, lifting, or carrying (21%), and being stuck by moving objects (10%).
The number of fatal injuries in 2018/2019 was the highest in Scotland (29) and the West Midlands (20).
The number of fatal injuries was the lowest in Wales (7) and the North East (5).
Workers in the Midlands and Wales experience more non-fatal injuries than the national average.
London and the South of England have fewer non-fatal injuries than the national average.

Workplace injuries in 2017/2018 by region (%)

What is the course content?

  • Why we need to prevent accidents.
  • Health and Safety laws.
  • The individuals role in the control and management of the site.
  • Risk assessments and the method statements.
  • Work safety and asking for advice.
  • Reporting unsafe acts to prevent any accidents.

Over 16 years old.

No formal requirements.

Learners will receive Site Safety Plus Certificate valid for 5 years.

The course will take 1 day to complete.

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