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About Empentis Training Solutions

We are Empentis Training Solutions, a training provider that delivers professional training, apprenticeships and levy solutions throughout the UK. We want to create long-lasting apprenticeship partnerships, and are passionate about engaging employers and supporting learners to do this.

At Empentis Training Solutions, we enable employers to up-skill existing staff, and create confidence throughout your team; while we give learners the opportunity to get a job they love, get paid, and get qualified, all at the same time. With a team of experienced staff who have been in the industry a long time  you can trust you’re in good hands.

Business or learner; our mission is to help you be exceptional. We want to deliver first-class training to every individual; and to nurture future talent. The levy brings with it an extraordinary opportunity for both individuals and companies to raise their game – and at Empentis we can help do that. Visit the levy page to find out more.

So if you want to work with a training provider that puts people at the heart of the operation, that values progression, and that gets results? Then get in touch with Empentis Training Solutions today.


We have an experienced team who are confident in their ability to get you or your business ahead of the game.


We’re results driven at Empentis, and we pursue excellence. We hope to inspire others through our standards.


The staff at Empentis Training Solutions go above and beyond to ensure a brilliant service for everyone we work with.

Want to work with a training provider that cares?


Operations/Departmental Manager Level 5

Level 5 managers are crucial in the workplace. Responsible for everything from creating and delivering plans to managing teams and resource management. Let your leaders flourish with this training.

Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3

Developing team members, monitoring workloads, and supporting management  – a Level 3 Supervisor is trained to be the best second in command you could even need.

Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver Level 2

Road safety, vehicle security and transport planning are all covered in this 12 month course – be confident your drivers are the best on the road with Empentis.


Empentis Training Solutions is here to help revolutionise the job market. Productivity in the UK workforce lags behind other major economies; we produce 30% less per hour than the likes of France, Germany, and the USA.

We believe that investing in the workforce is the key to boosting the economy and helping employees thrive. Our aim is to fill any skill gaps in the market through apprenticeships – an easy way to future-proof a business. – as well as give companies a way to develop their current staff through professional training. 

Our programmes are developed in partnership with employers and professionals; so no matter your business needs, we can help. We will optimise your organisation by helping with your levy spending and recruitment, and delivering learners suited to the role who will aided every step of the way.

You can find us on the “Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers” (RoATP), which means Empentis has been vetted by the government to ensure we have the capability and capacity to deliver apprenticeships that follow all of the new regulations. 



We want to accelerate astounding careers and develop talent for the future. We aim to create the best career-focused apprenticeships in England and Wales.

We want to make sure our apprentices are well matched to their role, so that they only start an apprenticeship they plan to finish.

We at Empentis are bold. We move quickly, we plan ahead, we always challenge ourselves. We’ve got conviction and drive, so get in touch and let us take you to the next level.

People are the heart of our operation; approachable, warm and respectful, we’ll help you in any way we can.


We are all about delivering the best services and best results for our customers.